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Todo Modo

Todo Modo was originally set up as an independent bookshop, but developed into a catalyst for wider actions relating to books. Todo Modo collaborates with various festivals curating activities that promote literature. Inside the bookshop, it hosts all types of meetings, workshops and events, with something on every week.

In Manifattura Tabacchi Todo Modo presents Libri e-lettrici: a physical place, an artisan workshop where shabby, forgotten, abandoned books come back to life and put on sale together with new books, magazines, papers, objects and much more.

A place for meetings and the exchange of ideas. A community centred around books.

libri e-lettrici


THE LIFT * is the micro-bookshop curated by Todo Modo set in an old goods lift of the Tobacco Factory.
2.52 square meters, opening doors, iron shelves, push-button panel for the floors, central light bulb.

A small, indeed tiny, space that can accommodate a single publisher: Humboldt Books, a publishing house specializing in storytelling and travel experiences that gives life to interdisciplinary editorial projects by crossing geography and literature, photography and art).


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Bentō Bar is the Japanese spin-off of Todo Modo.
Here you can find the delicious takeaway dishes designed by chef Hiroko and prepared express.

Boxes with a varied and balanced composition in which the careful preparation and respect for the ingredients carry on the original concept of bento (弁 当), according to which a meal prepared in the morning and consumed during a break from work or school is first of all a vector of home affection, a little ritual, a story.

From the vegetarian version to that for meat lovers up to Onigiri Bentō, dedicated to one of the most famous specialties of Japanese cuisine.

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+34 856 145504 or

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monday-saturday 10:30-15:30




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