Programma Pubblico

NAM’s programme for the public is an educational workshop in which participants contribute to conceiving design ideas based on the theme of interdisciplinary dialogue. The programme’s aim is to forge a connection between the NAM community and the wider public in order to spark ideas, create relationships and develop artistic skills. The NAM community — the people who live and work in Manifattura Tabacchi’s spaces — is the fulcrum of the entire project, and includes Manifattura Tabacchi’s Artists-in-Residence, B9 makers, curators, artists and artistic collectives who have conceived projects in collaboration with the core team at MT.

Skill and idea development, interdisciplinary practices, analysis of successful endeavors, and experience-sharing all converge in conversations related to NAM’s activities: together we write our own story and shape the physical space in which we preserve and create new memories. Every NAM project is deconstructed, re-elaborated, and thoroughly explored through workshops, cultural mediation activities, lectures, and continuative projects.

The mission of NAM’s programme for the public is to build its future and define its collective identity.