Not A Museum

NAM – Not A Museum is Manifattura Tabacchi’s contemporary art programme.

NAM – Not A Museum is Manifattura Tabacchi’s contemporary art programme. NAM is based on the principle of the interdisciplinary nature of the arts, community involvement, and an investigation of the relationship between art, nature, and science. NAM understands art in its Renaissance acceptation: a capacity for doing in a transversal sense, to which we add the will to act in the contemporary context with its needs, primarily those concerning the environment. 

The interdisciplinary nature of contemporary art forms, in which categories blur in favor of freedom of form, will move parallel to the decentralisation of activity in the public sphere and be diffused physically and digitally. 

Public art, performances, videos, films, art publications, radio and art distribution comprise Not A Museum’s ‘ecosystem’: these means will reach all audiences and simultaneously take innovative routes. 

Not A Museum’s activities follow a model of participation whose audience and partners — be they other institutions or artists — share the project of construction and relationship between parties with the artistic direction through a process of direct involvement. 

Riccardo Luciani



Executive Direction
Gaia Cervelin



Artistic Direction
Caterina Taurelli Salimbeni



Public Program
Stefano Giuri



Cultural Mediation
Martina Aiazzi Mancini


Art Direction
Simona Eva Saponara



Graphic Design
Veruska Ceruolo



Carlotta Pasquinelli



Social Media
Eleonora Festari



Space & Community Management
Eleonora Perra



Building Management
Francesco Poggi



Press Office



Marco Tognetti
Irene Meniconi



Direction, coordination and production
MIM – Made In Manifattura