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About Us

In order to facilitate the real estate redevelopment of the complex which housed the Manifattura Tabacchi in Florence, a joint venture was established between the Cassa depositi e prestiti Group, through its subsidiary Cdp Immobiliare, and Aermont Group, an independent investment management fund which specialises in real estate and real estate related activities, and which is responsible for overseeing the development.

The company in charge of operational oversight is Manifattura Tabacchi Development Management (MTDM), which has its offices inside the Manifattura itself. Its growing team is rapidly starting up the various processes involved in the redevelopment, both from a structural and architectural point of view, and in terms of the many social and cultural activities taking place at the Manifattura, as well as seeing to the continued involvement of the local population and potential client base.

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    Established in Florence in 2016, MTDM is an Aermont Group company that promotes large-scale urban regeneration in Italy

    MTDM Manifattura Tabacchi Development Management is an Italian development company which is a part of the Aermont Group.

    Operating since 2016, it can count on a professional team experienced in managing every aspect of the development process: Economic and financial management, project planning, administrative and licence management, project construction management, communication strategies and activation of temporary uses.

    Among the most important projects is the Manifattura Tabacchi in Florence. It counts as one of the main urban regeneration projects in Italy. In Milan, MTDM is transforming a large building designed by Vittorio Gregotti into a workplace of the future. Furthermore the company is responsible for the project management and the supervision of the structure of the Pellicano Hotels.


    The Team

    Giovanni Manfredi


    Key competence:


    asset management,

    development management,

    financial analysis

    Roberta Pasinetti

    Head of Project & Construction Management and CEO

    Key competence:

    Project management,

    construction management,

    public works

    Michelangelo Giombini

    Head of Product Development and Ceo

    Key competence:

    Design, marketing,

    communication and event management

    Manifattura Tabacchi

    Mixed-use urban regeneration and redevelopment of Manifattura Tabacchi, a 1930s industrial complex of 110,000 sqm and 16 buildings located in Florence.

    Matteo Federici


    Project & Construction Management Team

    Roberta Pasinetti

    Head of Project & Construction Management and CEO

    Giovanni Ortu


    Matteo Bradassi

    Senior PROJECT MANAGER (Consultant)

    Marcella Corona


    Maria Grazia Francia

    Project Manager

    Francesca Tiri

    Project Manager

    Mario Profnasta

    Assistant Project Manager

    Davide Mele

    Assistant Project Manager

    Corso Pellegrini

    Assistant Project Manager (Consultant)

    Rebecca del Vecchio

    Assistant Project Manager

    Sara Celea

    Project Manager

    Enzo Marzario

    Cost Controller

    Sara Stiaccini

    Assistant Cost Controller

    Costanza Drudi

    Cost Controller (secondement Cdp)