The side-exhibition of Aria. Tomás Saraceno, in collaboration with Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi.

21.02.20 – 01.11.20

© Photography by Studio Tomás Saraceno, 2017

The occasion of the exhibition Aria. Tomás Saraceno (21/02/20 – 1/11/20) marks the beginning of Manifattura Tabacchi’s collaboration with Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi, working together as partners for the project Aerocene. Intended as a context for human development, Aerocene is a constantly growing research project, and an experimental, open-source and collaborative practice, formed by a dedicated and diverse global community of people who collaborate to promote environmental awareness and carry out atmospheric experiments.

Visitors can take part in testing and launching aero-solar sculptures which are able to fly using only the heat of the Sun and infrared radiation from the Earth’s surface.

Manifattura Tabacchi is hosting an area where people can learn more about the philosophy of Aerocene, where they can look at literature, watch videos and documentaries, and see the Flight Starter Kit up close.

The connections between Tomás Saraceno and Manifattura Tabacchi can be understood not just by looking at areas such as sustainability, the relationship between mankind and nature, and the construction of communities and alternative forms of housing and interaction, they exist also in the sharing of processes, overcoming barriers, the physical and conceptual involvement of the public, and the integration of different disciplines, both within art and outside of it.

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