Lucino Salita In Viola

07.09.22 – 07.09.22

A project of Edizioni Brigantino
produced by NAM – Not A Museum





September 7, 2022 | Monumental Entrance Manifattura Tabacchi
From 7:30 pm

Lucino salita in viola is an action and installation display that was created as a cross-reference and soft reimagining of the Festa della Rificolona, a traditional event in Florentine folklore.



Those who lived in the country reached the city, using lanterns that in the darkness of the night created a trail of light that flowed into the urban environment, in a collective festive dimension.
In Lucino salita in viola the memory of this movement is sublimated around a center of gravity represented by a bonfire, in a space facing the street to beckon and welcome passersby.



Developing over the course of a day and reaching its climax during the night, the action is intended to pose as a cyclical ritual of construction and destruction: from the assembly of a series of sculptures, the basting of a small food altar, to a moment of descent in which fire becomes a participant in the entire transformation process. The restrained but in its own way acrobatic flame is a visual moment of contemplation and auspiciousness, and is meant to tell of the useful passage of abandonment, of the end of a pseudo-sacredness, of liberation from the physical object. During the evening, a simple food specially designed and processed with local ingredients will be prepared and shared with the audience, serving as a convivial element and memory of the action that took place.



The title of the project is meant to allude to a character in a fictional story, the name of an unknown street or place, in which the color purple stands both as a scent and as a transforming voice or nonexistent path to be searched.



Edizioni Brigantino



Edizioni Brigantino was born in 2018 in Milan from the meeting between Valentina Lucchetti and Canedicoda.
Together they experiment with modes of design and spatial organization for domestic or installation systems and environments. In their investigative research and practice they nurture an intuitive approach that is useful in order to elaborate construction logics and realization processes that tend toward autonomy and knowhow.



The ethical urgency of imagining new formulas and methods of living protrudes to the generation of harmonic impacts and dimensions of attunement, as recognizing oneself in one’s living space is of fundamental importance and helps us to open a lively dialogue with time, current and leaning toward the future.
Edizioni Brigantino develops processes of sharing, cooking and consuming food as a form of meeting and interaction with the public.



Edizioni Brigantino participated in: Athletic food, Braille Satellite – August 2019, Mushroom Manor Park – Vilnius, Lithuania; Strutture abitabili c/o Bologna St. 173 by Muna Mussie – June 2021, Archive – Milan, Italy; Selvatico Spot, Performative.01 Contact(less) – September 2021, MAXXI – L’Aquila, Italy; Meteo bar, Sol Invictus – December 2021 – Istituto Svizzero – Milan, Italy
– Bye the moon – December 2021 – Spazio Contemporanea – Brescia, Italy; Liquido, Klub Taiga – April 2021 – NFQ – Milan, Italy; CRLL 33-54, Mare Karina – August 2022 – Taurisano, Italy; Clacson, sound and performance review by Edizioni Brigantino – 2022 – Palazzo Marchetti – Salina, Italy.



Lucino salita in viola
Photo Credits Giovanni Savi
Video Credits Alessandro Bartoletti