Manuale spettatore - Manifattura Tabacchi



Manifattura Tabacchi (hereafter “MT”) is active in the field of organizing concerts and events. MT will host in its spaces a cultural, artistic and training program that aims to make Manifattura a place of sharing and meeting, open and connected with the city. These Terms and Conditions (hereinafter also the “Manual”) govern the modalities according to which access and enjoyment of the events hosted, organized and promoted by MT are allowed. This document has been drawn up and prepared in compliance with and in compliance with the provisions contained in the Consumer Code (Legislative Decree 206/2005), it has general scope and may be subject to changes made necessary by subsequent provisions of law and / or regulations; therefore, we invite anyone interested in attending events organized and / or promoted by MT to read these Terms and Conditions carefully before participating in events and registering to events.


1.1 The right to attend the Event. MT – by using its security service or through the use of gates – can carry out checks both at the entrance and in the whole area identified as the place of the event. To this end, the participant or spectator is obliged to comply with the provisions set forth by MT and the personnel authorized by MT to this extent. MT has the right to exclude participants from the place of the event in case of serious violations of these Terms and Conditions, violations of the law, order of authorities and, in any case, if the behaviour of the spectator is potentially dangerous for the safety of the other spectators and/or for the smooth running of the event. 1.2 – Entry of children and minors. Children under the age of 16 can access the place of the show accompanied by adults. This circumstance is intended as representative of the consent given by the subject having parental responsibility as established in art. 8 Reg. EU 2016/679. 1.3 – Introduction of objects in the place of the show. It is strictly forbidden to introduce in the event area the following items: crockery, fireworks, weapons, helmets, glassware, cans, bottles, alcohol, drugs and any other blunt or dangerous object for the health, for personal or third-party safety. MT has the right to prevent access to the event area or the permanence in the event area to those who are in possession of one of the prohibited objects. The security service of the organization, if present, will carry out the appropriate checks at the entrance and throughout the duration of the Event.


2.1 – Postponement/cancellation. MT reserves the right to postpone/cancel events (modifying their place, date and time) due to force majeure or due to justified technical-organizational reasons. The participant has the duty of periodically checking the MT website in order to verify that the place, date or time of the event have not changed.


If there are no different indication at the entrance to the event venue or during the event itself by the organizer, taking photos for private use is generally permitted. The spectator is required to verify that no specific provisions regarding audio/video recordings of the event are published or otherwise communicated at the entrance. Subject to prior authorization, it is in any case strictly forbidden to introduce and use: professional digital cameras, analog SLR cameras with interchangeable lenses, video cameras or audio recording equipment of any kind. The organizer reserves the right to carry out any type of control during the event and to act against violators for the broadest protection of its rights.


Entering to the event, you give your consent, free of charge and with the right to transfer this right to third parties, to be photographed, filmed or recorded and to the consequent diffusion of your image for television and/or for reproduction on screens inside the event, through the MT website as well as on the channels/pages of the MT social networks of the event. This is therefore without territorial limits, by means of reproduction on printed paper and/or by any other means of dissemination, present and future, allowing MT to preserve his image, alone or in conjunction with your voice and your name; the data will be stored in the MT archives to have a historical memory of the events and for any periodic publications. You are therefore consenting to the creation and publication of photographic material and video produced within the event and authorizing any technical changes to the images provided, according to the publication requirements, confirming for them its full consent to publication, without prejudice to the Prohibition to use the aforementioned images in contexts that may offend the personal dignity and the dignity of the person portrayed (ex 3 article 97 L. 633 of 22.4.41). It is noted that the purposes of these publications are merely informative. Nevertheless, due to the type of content and the mode of transmission, MT cannot predict in advance in which Countries the contents that incorporate the images taken during the events will be visible. Failure to accept this condition will not allow your participation in the event. MT is therefore relieved of all requests and / or responsibilities related to the activities described here, including the reproduction and resumption – in any form and without time limits – of the viewer’s image and images.


The participant acknowledges and recognizes that MT has requested specific authorizations for the show, including those on noise pollution. However, despite the proper precautions taken, during the events hearing damage and in general damage to health caused by the high volume of music may occur. The Spectator declares that he is aware of it and accepts this risk. Except in the case of wilful misconduct or gross negligence, MT cannot be held responsible for any damage to hearing or health caused by the volume level of the music during the performances of the artists. MT has no control over the performances of the artists who could perform during the events, except in cases of wilful misconduct or gross negligence, therefore declines any responsibility regarding the contents and performance modalities.


Except in the case of wilful misconduct or gross negligence, MT declines all responsibility for any damage suffered by the participant during the event due to his own or third parties. Except in the case of wilful misconduct or gross negligence, MT also declines all responsibility for items lost or stolen by third parties during events, both in the show venue and in accessory areas (eg. parking lots or refreshment areas). The lost items will be delivered to the Lost Property Office of the City of Florence.


This Manual is under Italian law. Any dispute that may arise in relation to this contract will be entrusted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Florence.


Any invalidity or ineffectiveness of one or more clauses contained in the Manual does not determine the invalidity or ineffectiveness of the other clauses or of the Manual.