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A hat brand that combines the highest craftsmanship with contemporary research.


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Founded in Florence in 2011 by Matteo Gioli and Veronica Cornacchini, SUPERDUPER grew out of a period of creative experimentation and a deep-rooted desire to craft unique hats. Operating from our workshop at Manifattura Tabacchi, we’ve pioneered a new e-commerce model where each online order is made on-demand. This approach not only reduces waste and excess inventory but also ensures the utmost quality.

With a 72-hour in-house production cycle, we’ve brought a fresh perspective to the world of artisanal hat-making. Today, SUPERDUPER stands as an international brand, renowned for its commitment to craftsmanship and sustainability. Each hat we produce carries an earthpiece™, a small stone that symbolizes its handcrafted uniqueness and our bond with nature. Our core values revolve around ethical sourcing and environmental responsibility. We partner exclusively with certified suppliers who meet our stringent criteria for animal welfare and sustainable sourcing. Looking forward, we’re dedicated to leaving a more sustainable and conscientious imprint on the world.


SUPERDUPER + Roy Roger's

The limited edition hat capsule.











The Roy Roger’s and SUPERDUPER collaboration unites the world of denim with that of hats. The result is a limited edition of the crown fedora hat, made with merino wool felt and details with the iconic Roy Roger’s denim and metal rivet.

Result of the two brands’ craftsmanship, the hat is hand made in the SUPERDUPER workshop at Manifattura, in full compliance with the brand’s quality standards and manufacturing processes.
The hat is made in four colors: blue, brown, loden and sand and available at all Roy Roger’s own stores and online.




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SUPERDUPER + Bravanariz

An special collaboration to tell the link between nature and craftsmanship.









From the SUPERDUPER laboratory at Manifattura Tabacchi, a unique project that captures wild nature in a fragrance was born.

The collaboration with the Spanish brand Bravanariz gave birth to Cà-ṣo, a capsule collection including a hat with brown shades and a limited edition fragrance that recalls the smell of wild plants. Sage and rosemary leaves, lavender flowers and pine resin were chosen to make this unique serum recalling the Mediterranean scrub.

For SUPERDUPER, the relationship with the environment is all-encompassing, a deep immersion in the dialogue that is created during the genesis process of the hedwear. Likewise, Bravanariz shares a very similar approach. Its fragrances are the result of a close relationship with raw materials, based on the belief that every day spent outdoors is always a new adventure and an opportunity to study what is around us. This boundless love for the environment has led the two brands to collaborate together.

The aim of the initiative is to transform wearing the hat into a powerful aromatic journey that invites us to go out and enjoy nature.

The perfume is available online on and in the SUPERDUPER Roots 300621 in Manifattura temporary shop.