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Superduper Hats

SuperDuper Hats

The brand was born in 2010 from Matteo Gioli, Ilaria and Veronica Cornacchini’s passion for millinery. The use of antique wooden shapes allows them to craft every hat by hand. Each hat is created from hours of careful manual processing and dutiful material selection.

The Superduper Hats brand was awarded by Vogue’s ‘Who is the next’. They collaborate with the Art Comes First collective and many other brands such as Vivetta, Stella Jean, Avec Ces Frères, The Kooples, Camo, Lotho Eyewear, and Norwegian Rain.

In B9, Superduper Hats wants to create a place where the doors of know-how open up, giving life to educational and didactic paths. The atelier will become an enormous and connected experimental laboratory, where it is possible to invite artistic visionaries from any field to share their art of making, in a project that unites the world of “making” with that of design.