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Cultural Mediation

Cultural Mediation

Cultural mediation is a tool to make the experience of art accessible to anyone who desires it.

Cultural Mediation is a tool to make the art experience accessible to whoever desires it. In order to continue along this path, NAM – Not A Museum, is building a network with the local institutions that deal with training in art education and teaching.

If, on the one hand, the goal of extending the exhibition program is to appeal to a younger audience, on the other the contemporary art project is instrumental for providing a learning space for students in training.

In collaboration with training institutes, NAM puts cultural mediation and communication at the heart of the matter by offering hands-on experience to a large group of young students. Hence, they will have the chance to increase their experience, fine tune their competencies and be of service to both their peers and the general public.

NAM – Not A Museum has reached two important agreements with: the Arts Communication and Teaching Department at the Fine Arts Academy of Florence, and the Department of History, Archaeology, Geography, Fine Arts and Performing Arts at the Florence University. These collaborations allow us to offer a free cultural mediation service available to anyone wishing to enjoy the exhibition events put forth by NAM.