Book Presentation "A First, Sixty Seconds" by Giovanni Visconti

Thursday, February 15th at 6.00 pm with Enzo Vicennati


at the Trek Bicycle store | B5


In “A First, Sixty Seconds” Giovanni Visconti recounts his over twenty years of cycling career. From his childhood in the streets of Palermo to his early races marked by countless sacrifices and adventurous travels. He reflects on his intense and often conflicting relationship with his father, his desire for redemption and detachment from Sicily, while still embracing the pride of his roots.

The move and the new life in Tuscany brought forth new sporting rivalries, particularly with another Sicilian transplant, Vincenzo Nibali, on the slopes of Montalbano. Finally, the transition to the professional circuit, where Visconti faced hundreds of races, experiencing both victories and defeats, often accompanied by valuable lessons learned. For Visconti, beyond the results, what truly matters are the stories of a life where the bicycle always remained at the center.

This book, co-authored with Enzo Vicennati, serves as a heartfelt legacy and a loving thank you to all those who, along the roads of cycling, have known him and cherished him.


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