every Thursday

BuZz JaZz

jazz & soul dj set

The main entrance for events is via delle Cascine n. 33

The evenings will be flavoured by the sound of Jazzy Soul every Thursday from 27 June to 18 July in the Cortile della Ciminiera at Manifattura Tabacchi. The collective On L’è On and their guests will present a programme of music of black origin, influenced by electronica, folk and world music, rich in originality and innovation.


On L’è On is a collective that was formed by two Florentine musicians – Davide and Francesco – out of their love of black music. They are also the founders of Autentica, a cultural association which promotes artists of international fame through events in Tuscany.


guest: Il Cholo – mini orchestra


Il Cholo è un incrocio alchemico, figlio di razze “povere” del sud ovest degli Stati Uniti. È un suono bastardo, un jazz latino, gordo e puzzolente di funk. Emarginato, ma orgogliosamente ostinato.

Cholo is an alchemical mix, the lovechild born of Latin jazz meeting sweaty, swinging funk. It is the music of proudly stubborn outcasts.



Danilo Mineo: congas/percussion

Fred Guarneri: bongo/percussion

Nico Menci: piano/basso synth

BrotherMartino: flauto/sax/percussion



guest: Trio Carmelindo


Carmelindo is a name which is both Brazilian and Neapolitan. They are a three-piece group that plays music from the tropics, Brazilian in nature but also influenced by psychedelia, brit rock, and rock’n’roll.



guest: Tahira




Tahira is a DJ, producer and record collector who ranks among São Paulo’s most productive and highly respected. Whilst most cratediggers tend to gravitate towards the more American sound of Brazilian Funk and Soul, Tahira journeys into the purely native sounds created by the large African diaspora in Brazil. He uses irresistible African rhythms to connect the dots of this rich musical history, tracing an alternative line through the culture of Brazilian black music that favours Afro-futurism over the funk and soul aesthetics of American origins.


Tahira has become famous for his mixes and re-edits of rare pearls, such as Gilberto Gil’s Toda Menina Baiana, already a classic and even praised by the legendary Gil himself.
He released a compilation of the Jazz & Milk label from Cologne in 2018. Titled Levanta Poeira, it uncovers Afro-Brazilian gems, taking in the various regional styles, influenced by their African and Indian origins, mixing up genres and eras in his typical style.



guest: Ayrton


Ayrton is a new project from Francesco Morini and Leonardo Baggiani. Formula 1 Synthesizers, Photo-finish Beats, and Grand Priz Basses come together in a mix of Funk, Kraut Rock and African Rhythms.