A project by Vaste Programme in collaboration with viaraffineria
curated by Irene Angenica


Part of Katja Novitskova Public Program


Thursday, June 15th at 9.00 p.m
at B11
Free Entry




The summer 2023 tour of Calentamiento, an artistic project with a performative and environmental approach, kicks off from Manifattura Tabacchi in Florence and will travel across the peninsula from north to south.

Calentamiento is a project that originated during an artist residency in Sicily in the summer of 2021. The episode of the fire along the coastal area and a beach resort, while beachgoers continued their usual summer activities of cocktails and catchy tunes, serves as the starting point of the project. Its main themes revolve around climate change and the resulting increase in wildfires.

Calentamiento is primarily a reggaeton song, with its lyrics entirely composed by rhyming excerpts from the Spanish version of the Glasgow climate treaty. Alternating between music and the sound of flames, the song fills the exhibition space, which is simultaneously filled with smoke from special disco machines. A wooden kiosk with partially charred palm trees adds to the atmosphere. Cocktails are served, with ice cubes containing small images of fires.


Vaste Programme

Vaste Programme is an artistic trio born from the encounter in 2017 between Giulia Vigna (1992), Leonardo Magrelli (1989).

Their research focuses mainly on the issues of climate change and the ways in which technology is used by the mass public. Both themes are frequently analyzed through their presence within the iconosphere. Images, pictures and the visual field are indeed a constant reference, explored through postphotographic and installative approaches, using practices of appropriation, re-signification, detournement and quotation, often adding to it a veil of bitter irony.

Their first book The Long Way Home of Ivan Putnik, Truck Driver was published by The Eriskay Connection in spring 2021.