Pantha Du Prince

Friday, June 16th from 10.00 p.m at B11
Free entry upon registration



/At 10.00 p.m Dj set by Slow Sound System
/Following Pantha du Prince

On Friday, June 16th, there will be a meeting with Pantha du Prince, the chosen name of producer Hendrik Weber, a historical producer of the German electronic music scene. With his latest turn, he leaves techno behind to make room for nature as the focus in his new productions. 

He rose to prominence in the world of electronic music with his first two works, Diamond Daze and This Bliss (2007). In 2010, his highly anticipated third album, Black Noise, was released. It was largely conceived in the Swiss Alps, where Hendrik, on vacation, sampled various natural sounds that were later incorporated into the album. The album features collaborations with Noah Lennox (Panda Bear, Animal Collective) on “Stick to my side” and Tyler Pope (!!! and LCD Soundsystem) on bass in “The splendour.”
Upon its release, the album topped the download charts on eMusic, a digital distribution service specializing in independent music. His music is often characterized by a hypnotic combination of intricate melodic chimes and heavy techno beats. The chords are lush, and the texture is energizing and melancholic, a plethora of sounds and ideas unified by a constant underlying tech-house rhythm.

The opening act will be Slow Soundsystem, a project by Alessio Cruschelli (Slow Record Shop) and Thomas Pizzinga (Angle, Elephant Studio), who together move freely between UK sounds and electro vibes.


Free entry upon registration