Friday, September 1st, starting at 8.30 p.m
Free entry


Fiver festival is an event of Estate Fiorentina

Fever is that light fever that takes over your head, making you lose yourself for a moment, and you can’t understand what’s happening around you. In 1978, Pauline Kael of The New Yorker, in her review of the famous movie, wrote: “Saturday Night Fever, in its way, conveys something romantic: you need to move, to dance, and you can be anything you want; and when the music ends, you return to being normal.”

Fiver is a festival that brings together, in its first edition, stand-up comedy, live concerts, and queer shows.
Fiver Festival aims to be a meeting place where everyone feels welcomed and part of what they are about to experience, connecting people, artistic disciplines, artists, diverse traditions, and different approaches. The meeting is the premise for cross-pollination, which occurs by blending the elements that come together. In the case of Fiver, these are artists who come from different cultural backgrounds or draw inspiration from them, and in doing so, they use languages that gain value through this blending process.

Scopri Fiver