The aesthetic of the void

Workshop on cement

Saturday 1 february

9am – 6pm

a cura di Duccio Maria Gambi

Explore the many sculptural possibilities that cement holds, with artist and designer Duccio Maria Gambi, who has for years been producing items with simple lines and materials with a significant weight to them. The workshop aims to introduce participants on how to create a mould for concrete. During the laboratory, work will be done on two different cubic volumes “by subtraction”: pieces will be added to the original mould to subtract parts from the vacuum.

Curated by Duccio Maria Gambi.



  • Saturday 1 February from 9am to 6pm
  • Cost: 190€


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Laboratorio a cura di

Duccio Maria Gambi

The work of designer Duccio Maria Gambi is as heterogeneous as the broad path he has walked throughout his career. After living and working in Paris, he decided to return to his hometown, Florence, to start a new chapter with the B9 project.

Duccio Maria Gambi