Luca Sofri presents COSE spiegate bene / Voltiamo decisamente pagina

Tuesday, October 17th at 6.30 pm
at Building B11 (Spazio Ridotto)
Free admission


Luca Sofri presents, in conversation with Enrico Bianda, a journalist and correspondent for Swiss Radio and Television, the seventh issue of “COSE Spiegate bene,” decisively turning the page





Luca Sofri, the director of Il Post will present, on Tuesday, October 17th at 6.30 pm at Manifattura Tabacchi,Voltiamo decisamente pagina (Turning the Page decisively), the seventh issue of COSE Spiegate bene, the print magazine from Il Post produced in collaboration with Iperborea. Luca Sofri will be in conversation with Enrico Bianda, journalist and correspondent for Swiss Radio and Television.

Many things are changing in journalism, in newspapers, and even among readers: it’s an intense and critical period for Italian and global information, caught between a role that has never been so precious for the functioning and growth of democracies and a beginning of the century that has disrupted its economic sustainability. Understanding how to truly “read” newspapers, the rules and mechanisms on which the choices and decisions of those who create them are based, is valuable for understanding what is happening around us and how it is being told. How are newspapers funded? Who are the people who make them? What language do they speak? How does one become a “journalist”? What is happening to the most famous Italian and foreign newspapers? How do you read an interview? How are sales figures measured? What should we think when we see a text in quotation marks in a newspaper? And why is anger the most commonly used emotion in headlines? Can we remain on the surface of the reported facts, or can we become more discerning and informed readers about the fascinating and central world of news and those who produce it?

With contributions from Annalena Benini, Michela Murgia, Mario Tedeschini Lalli, Carlo Verdelli, and the editorial team of Il Post.