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#2 NOW NOW / Marco Ceroni

Curated by Stefano Giuri

toast project space

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TOAST Project Space, presents the exhibition NOW NOW by Marco Ceroni. The work, created by the artist specifically for Toast in Florence, goes deeper into the main themes that have characterised the artists’ work, through a series of sculptures that allow the public to imagine another dimension, born from the manipulation of found objects which have escaped everyday life. 


«Two guardians accompany us into the space, guarding the entrance, there is a threshold to be crossed, space and time crack. A demonic image dominates the space. The demon calls us. We are inside a space which is balancing between the world as we know it and the unknown. This is where the demons live: on this unstable border» .

Marco Ceroni


NOW NOW triggers a continuous short-circuiting between the real and the plausible, between the everyday and the unsettling, the banal and the supernatural. By altering elements of our daily existence, they cease to appear to us as we are used to seeing them and show us a different face of reality, perhaps something that we are not even able to name: and as such, trajectories of parallel possibilities open up within the contemporary. The title refers to a temporal alteration, a doubling of the present: NOW NOW. A temporal twist in which the past and the future are deformed, creating parallel and diverging directions. The space and the sculptures oscillate between references to past rituals and the tribalism of a near future, always returning to the present: like two people crossing the city on a scooter. Everything possible is incubated in a moment of estrangement from reality.



Marco Ceroni

(Forlì, 1987)

His research stems from a fascination with the real and imaginary spaces that surround him.  Lived experiences and environments merge into elements of an uneven, provisional and parallel present. The shreds of reality which he comes into contact with are built up and then broken down in a continuous short circuit. It re-interprets various elements, which always come from a common landscape, through the use of multiple techniques and materials, finding a dimension of their own between the real and the plausible. The works often arise from performative actions which act as preparatory drawings, in which the body impacts with the elements that populate the landscape. Hybridisation upon hybridisation creates a continually incomplete vision of possible narratives within the everyday. Metropolitan scenarios, genre films and personal backgrounds coexist in the fragmented image of a futuristic world.
Recent personal and collective exhibitions: The Great Learning a curated by Marco Scotini (Triennale di Milano), Make People Smile (Adiacenze), Nesxt, Good Night, and Good Luck (A plus A), Teatrum Botanicum (PAV, Torino), Perfezioni (77), Open-VIR (Viafarini), L’opera irraggiungibile (Artissima), Temporary Monuments (Srisa), The space in-between us (Villa Vertua), Disumanesimi (Biagiotti Progetto Arte), Day Dream Factory (DOCVA).



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