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Spazio Festa – Manifattura Tabacchi
via delle Cascine 33

comizi dei vent'anni

Who are today’s young people? What are they passionate about? What do they think about politics, sex, the digital era? What relationships do they have with silence and over-connection?
These are the questions behind the project Comizi dei Vent’anni by Fenysia, a school which offers courses on all aspects of culture, with the contribution of Florence City Council as part of Estate Fiorentina, and in collaboration with Manifattura Tabacchi.

The initiative, starring young people between the ages of 17 and 21, started with field research within Tuscany to find some of the most significant figures amongst the region’s young people. The success of the research is visible in the photographic exhibition by Leonardo Pasquinelli, curated by Francesca Ordiligi, dedicated to 6 young people who fully represent the dreams, expectations and fears of that generation.


On 17 October at 6.30pm, Leonardo Pasquinelli will show an installation of polaroids at Fenysia as a preview for the exhibition which opens at 7pm on 18 October in the Festa area at Manifattura Tabacchi.

Talk con Luca Ricci

To coincide with the opening of Comizi dei Vent’anni, the young people featured in the exhibition will be interviewed by Luca Ricci, author of Gli Autunnali (La Nave di Teseo). We will hear from Arturo, a nineteen-year-old composer of melologues, passionate fan of Kafka and Maria
Sole, a footballer with Fiorentina; from Filippo and Emiliano who invented an app which recognises fake news stories, to Leone who after getting to know Taratino understood that the films that he likes are not populated by superheroes. We will hear from Teresa, the hypnotic voice of Rooms by the Sea; and Stefano, a student at the Douhet Aeronautical Military School, who has swapped his
phone for poetry.

A dialogue inspired by Pasolini’s Comizi D’Amore, giving us a portrait of Italy from the people who are about to create its future.

The exhibition Comizi dei Vent’anni is free to visit every day from 10am-10pm, up until Wednesday 24 October at the Festa area in Manifattura Tabacchi.