curated by TOAST Project Space

From 21 to 29 February 2020


Friday 21, 5:30pm


Guided tours
Friday 21, 5:45pm
Saturday 22, 12pm

TOAST Project Space celebrates its first year of activity with Portafortuna, an art exhibition widespread in various commercial and recreational activities of the Piazza Puccini district.

With the works of artists of different generations active in the Florentine area:
Anna Capolupo, Stefano Giuri, Gabriele Mauro, Matteo Coluccia, Vinicio Venturi, Giacomo Nasta, Marco Pace, Super Summer Extra Afternoon, Jacopo Buono, Lori Lako, Duccio Franceschi.

Locations of the exhibition: Manifattura Tabacchi, Circolo Bencini, Parrucchiere da Maurizio, Bar Puccini, Bocciodromo Dlf, TOAST Project Space, il Ristoro.

Portafortuna Talks

Portafortuna is a public program presented by TOAST Project Space that aims to bring together different independent Italian entities from the world of contemporary visual culture. The program takes place concomitantly with Many Possible Cities, a festival about urban regeneration, in order to highlight the important role that many independent spaces focused on culture played in this process.

The aim of these meetings is to create a moment of exchange between personalities, projects and institutions that gravitate towards non-profit activities with different assumptions and purposes, to allow for a wide-ranging debate on the many different motivations and needs that move within these contexts.



Friday 21 February


h 4pm
Economic sustainability perspectives within the inde- pendent universe
The opening talk, tackling issues around sustainability, will highlight the differences and similarities in the needs of independent spaces which, in particular, work within the world of contemporary visual culture.
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Saturday 22 February

h 10:30am
A space for research, production and experimentation: no-profits and institutions
The second talk, still reflecting on sustainability, also gives space to institutions that have established a dialogue with independent realities.
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h 4:30pm
Generational comparison between historical mapping and contemporary demands
The third talk will set up an exchange of ideas around experiences of independence both past and present, allowing us to understand how the debate around these issues has changed over the years.
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Sunday 23 February


h 11:30am
Independent publishing as a space for critical and artistic production
The last talk involves entities that differ in their practices and production within the context of independent publishing.
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During the festival, Radio Papesse will curate a three-day live schedule with meetings, interviews and discussions. On manifatturarabacchi.com and radiopapesse.org the talks of Many Possible Cities and Portafortuna will air, together with exclusive interviews with the guests, to answer the urgent questions raised both by regenerating urban spaces and balancing sustainability and independence in cultural production.


Portafortuna talks podcast will be available on Manifattura Tabacchi website, radiopapesse.org and Spotify.