nel paese delle ultime cose | The book

Presentation of the book nel paese delle ultime cose published by NERO Editions.



Introduction by Caterina Taurelli Salimbeni (NAM – Not A Museum), Lorenzo Gigotti and Michele Angiletta (NERO Editions).

With Irene Adorni, Ivan Carrozzi, Federico Di Vita, Roberto Fassone, Beatrice Favaretto, Matteo Grilli, Lorenzo Lunghi, MRZB, Davide Sgambaro.



Friday 16th December at 18.30, Manifattura Tabacchi



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Friday, December 16 the second chapter of SUPERBLAST, a project by NAM-Not A Museum which combines art, exhibition and publishing practices, will come to the end. This experience will be closed with the presentation of the book nel paese delle ultime cose, edited by NERO Edition, in the presence of the authors and artists involved.

This book is the editorial result of an experimental process which sees the blending of critical thinking and artistic work within a single project. During their residency at Manifattura Tabacchi, each artist was accompanied by an author who elaborated a text from a specific element of their work.
The book nel paese delle ultime cose, published by NERO Edition, abandons the form of the traditional exhibition catalogue. It is the result of the dialogue and the lively exchange among the authors Angela Balzano, Ivan Carozzi, Giulia Crispiani, Federico Di Vita, Matteo Grilli, Laura Tripaldi and the artists Irene Adorni, Roberto Fassone, Beatrice Favaretto, Lorenzo Lunghi, MRZB and Davide Sgambaro.
This publication, which combines research materials, photographic documentation, narration and theoretical exploration, reflects the elusiveness of the subject under
investigation returning a fluid snapshot of the contemporary condition through the thoughts of intellectuals, critics and artists.


A group of people inhabited a space for a period of time. From this place inside and outside the city, they observed the world. In nel paese delle ultime cose catastrophe has already happened, and its inhabitants dig through the ashes searching for what or who survived, coming to terms with the future.

What will be left? This is the driven question of the second edition of SUPERBLAST, the contemporary art production project by NAM-Not A Museum, at Manifattura Tabacchi.
In line with SUPERBLAST I, this new publication has come full circle with the experimental journey that began in the form of an artist residency, it has expanded in the industrial architecture of the exhibition space and has settled in the paper and in the words, as a trace to be delivered to posterity.
The result is a journey through the rubble of a world defined by the choices of past generations. Post-capitalist, post-anthropocentric, post-pandemic. Euphoria has worn off, this is the time of the aftermath. The pages advance through analytical and speculative texts, imaginative narrative, research material, photographic documentation and theoretical exploration, according to a slow proceeding together with Dante’s damned in version 4.0. As aliens in a dystopian land, unshakable to contemporary ideology, they explore the present with its virtual connections, fragmented identities, spectacularity and lonely bodies.

SUPERBLAST is available, in a limited edition, in NERO‘s online shop.