every tuesday

Radio Calzino

funk & disco music Dj set + chat

The main entrance for events is via delle Cascine n. 33

From Jun 25 to July 16 Dj Calzino will be live on air from the Cortile della Ciminiera at Manifattura Tabacchi with Radio Calzino. An appointment with the music of funk and disco, listening and chatting about more or less contemporary Italian music, always in a laid-back and informal atmosphere.

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Raised on “bread, Motown and Bagna Caüda”, Dj Calzino plays everything from funk to disco, passing randomly between beat and pre-beat, rock’n’roll and twist, even pulling out the odd pop record. He is a big fan of Italo-disco and homegrown funk, which might seem like trash but is actually really cool, and these are the genres that he loves to discover, recounting curious anecdotes and chatting about these often-ignored styles of music. In Florence, for many the name Calzino is synonymous only with Disco, but it is not uncommon for him to follow up Gloria Gaynor with Bruno Lauzi or the Jackson Five with Tony Renis (to give a random example).