Saturday 5 october


from 5pm to 7pm


free entry with reserved places

In order to participate it is necessary to book a place either by calling the secretary of Spazio Co-Stanza on 055 2741095 from Monday to Friday 9am-1pm, or by sending an email with your details and telephone number before Friday 4 October.

Stories of everyday success

Five women share their stories on the subject of change, recounting how they have been able to realise their professional dreams, despite difficulties and failures along the way. The talk is dedicated to other women like them, in the hope that they too can find the inspiration to embark on new life projects.

In an intimate and welcoming atmosphere, we will hear stories of everyday success direct from the protagonists themselves, accessible and concrete examples of success for women, with the aim of offering women of all ages and from diverse backgrounds and walks of life the possibility of being “influenced” by the testimonies of those who have made it.

The event is part of a series being held by L’Eredità delle Donne OFF.


Sara Tassi, stylist and creator at

Daniela Mecatti, founder of the online shop Rue de la

Elena Molini, owner of the bookshop Piccola Farmacia Letteraria

Carla Castro, founder of the group Woman In

Maria Petrucci, founder of Spazio



The team from Sinopia, Véronique Balduzzi and Daria Dall’Igna, counsellors specialising in the area of careers.

The stories will bring out the importance of the many different stages in each journey, starting with reflections on the self, necessary to identify the essential ingredients – interests, values, attitudes, skills – for the development of the right project. We will also have the opportunity to consider the different obstacles that are encountered along the road and the value of different changes in direction that occur before the final goal is reached.