Summer Camps in Manifattura Tabacchi

from June 19th to September 8th
activities from 3 to 16 years


in collaboration with Onouka, Fortezza Crew and Il Paracadute di Icaro



Summer Camps in Manifattura Tabacchi start on Monday June 19th, organised in collaboration with the cultural association Onouka, Fortezza Crew, the first Florentine boardsports association, and the cultural association Il Paracadute di Icaro.
Art, music, dance and theatre workshops will alternate with activities related to the world of skateboarding.

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Nature and artistic creations with Onouka

19-23 JUNE
3-7 JULY
10.00 a.m -4.30 p.m | 6 to 16 years old

10.00 a.m -4.30 p.m | 8 to 16 years old

For details:

ONOUKA proposes a Summer Camp with a creative/laboratory slant, in which art, intertwined with direct contact with nature, becomes, together with work with professionals, a further key to understanding and embracing ecological values and respect for the environment.

ONOUKA aims to give life to experiences pedagogical experiences mainly in the open air. In this context, direct observation of nature and its knowledge become a powerful tool for artistic creation.

The world of skateboarding with Fortezza Crew

26-30 JUNE
8.30 a.m-4.30 p.m | 5 to 16 years old

For details:

The lessons of Fortezza Crew, the first boardsports association in the Florentine area, are held by qualified instructors and structured so as to learn basic skills and then move on to more advanced ones: from propaedeutic exercises on balance, pushing, driving, turns and braking to more complex tricks.

In addition to classes, there are also board set up and maintenance activities, board paint and a finger skate contest.


A spasso per la mia città with Il Paracadute di Icaro

10-14 JULY
17-21 JULY
24-28 JULY
8.30-16.30 | 3 to 13 years old

For details:

Il Paracadute di Icaro aims to address the issue of urbanisation and cities of the future.
What are the needs of the new generations? We will ask the children. Their imagination will be the starting point to build the fantastic cities of the future. We will start from the place they most frequent: the school, then move on to the street that takes them home, then where they live, the places they frequent most. So we will build the city of their dreams. And then we will make them tell us about it.

Play, engaging theatre exercises and music will be the triggers for their ideas. Afterwards they will have to present their idea to the others: speech and movement will be the tools to sensitively experience the inventions they come up with together.