SUPERBLAST II/Manifattura Tabacchi's call for arts

NAM – Not a Museum presents the second edition of SUPERBLAST, a call to the arts for creative and experimental artistic production with an interdisciplinary approach that will be held at Manifattura Tabacchi.

It is possible to participate in the call until March 1, 2022, by following the instructions given here.




SUPERBLAST is an international open call for the assignment of six residences to six artists, in order to develop artistic projects in full formal freedom and in dialogue with the spaces of Manifattura Tabacchi.

The call is free and open to artists of all geographical origins, under the age of 40, individuals or groups, with artistic practices of different nature: sculpture, painting, sound and new media art, performance, choreographic and relational practices, workshops-based projects and projects that reflect human action as a trace in history, places and time.


How do past and future coexist in the present?
What to learn from a crisis, from the processes of collapse and recovery? What will remain for future generations in the face of the infinite stratification that characterizes the time we live in?
Re-proposing SUPERBLAST as a device
for reflecting on urgent contemporary issues, the second edition focuses on the themes of the ephemeral city, the third landscape and the dream. The call invites artists to recreate an ideal stage, searching for the unexplored traces of the world and wondering what they can become. Becoming an itinerant theater, a fantastic map and a continuous rethinking of the materials of the past to prepare for the future.


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