TMMT | Carlotta Vagnoli presenta il suo libro Animali Notturni

Thursday, May 23, at 6.30 p.m, free entry


Spazio 225 | B4


Carlotta Vagnoli in conversation with Purple Square


On the occasion of Giovedì in Manifattura (Thursday at the Manifattura), the TMMT book series returns, featuring the book event organized by Todo Modo and Manifattura Tabacchi.

Carlotta Vagnoli will present her new book, Animali Notturni, published by Einaudi, in a conversation with Purple Square.

In the late 2000s, Milan was the center of the universe: as soon as the sun set, an entire generation would gather underground to party until dawn. These were the years of indie music and legendary nights, of clubs with selective door policies, of endless drinking and skinny jeans, of after-parties when it was already daylight, and most of all, of cocaine—lots and lots of cocaine. The night empire was chaotic and desperate, and precisely for this reason, it couldn’t last. When G jumps from the sixth floor, it’s as if everything else falls with him. It’s as if, after a long fall, it’s time for the night animals to come down to earth.

This is a sharp and intense novel, both a denunciation and a fierce outcry. Carlotta Vagnoli wrote without feeling pity, even for herself, reminding us with each page that none of us is truly innocent.