Fold Fluids: La meraviglia artists in residence at Museo Novecento

La meraviglia artists in conceived a reinvention of FLUIDS at Museo Novecento.


Fold Fluids
Museo Novecento
until 4 june 2020

Starting in the 1960s, Allan Kaprow began reflecting on the methodological and intellectual implications involved in the exhibition of his works, particularly of happenings and environments. He decided to authorise the creation of new versions of his work by giving others the possibility of reinventing them.

In the exhibition entitled “ALLAN KAPROW. I will always be a painter – of sorts. Drawings, Paintings, Happenings, Environments” (20/02 – 04/06/2020) held at the Museo Novecento in Firenze and curated by Sergio Risaliti and Barry Rosen, four reinventions of the artist’s two most emblematic works are planned.

One of these works has been conceived by the artists of La meravigliaFOLD FLUIDS is a reinvention by Davide D’Amelio, Anna Dormio, Bekhbaatar Enkhtur, Esma Ilter, Giulia Poppi, Negar Sh. For the entire duration of the exhibit, the museum’s visitors will be able to participate in the construction of a new version of FLUIDS which is to be realized using the origami paper-folding technique instead of blocks of ice. Visitors will transform each sheet of paper into a brick which will contribute to the construction of a parallelepiped 9 x 2,5 meters in dimension, respecting the original dimensions of the first version of FLUIDS.

In Italian popular culture, there is a saying ‘fare un castello di carte’ analogous to the English ‘to make a house of cards’. This is used to allude to an undertaking destined to fail. But it is in failure itself, in questioning and in constant destruction, that new possibilities for reorganising structures – be they physical, social, economic, or political – arise.


Fold Fluids exhibition will be at Museo Novecento until 4 june 2020.