Radura, a new green space


A project from Manifattura Tabacchi

Design by Alberto Giuntoli with Susanna Stigler and Celeste Gonnella

Decoration Valentina and Martina Corsi

Installation Cooperativa Cristoforo

The Radura is open Monday to Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.

The entrance is from via delle Cascine n° 35.

A new green space open to the neighbourhood, created using species that will be planted throughout the Manifattura: the first 30 of over 300 trees that will be planted by 2022 in the renovated spaces of the ex-factory.

Plane trees, cherry trees, willows, ash trees, and judas trees, placed liberally in front of Via delle Cascine, break up the symmetry of the monumental entrance and invite you to follow the cool shaded path through the trees, marked out by the brilliant tones of the hand-decorated vases.

The choice was made based on the ability of the plants to grow autonomously and healthily in these industrial spaces which were once devoid of greenery, in order to increase the liveability and comfort of the Manifattura’s public spaces and contribute to the redevelopment of the complex. The selection favoured species that are already present in the Cascine Park, in order to guarantee the continuity of the landscape and ecology between the urban area and the park.