Blues Barber

Blues Barber

Blues Barber is the quintessential barbershop in Florence, born in 2014 thanks to the passion and entrepreneurial expertise of the young stylist Valerio.

Opening Hours:

Tuesday – Saturday | 9.30 am – 7.30 pm

Closed on Sunday and Monday

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Blues Barber originates from a passion for blues music and the ancient Sicilian tradition.
The Blues Barber establishments also serve as a training ground; since 2016, the Blues Barber Academy has been offering courses in traditional barbering across Europe.

Starting from November 25th, Blues Barber will host a dedicated corner for the Captain Santors brand. Captain Santors embraces a Heritage work style, drawing inspiration from the workwear of fishermen, sailors, and sea pioneers. Their passion is reflected in the use of premium fabrics from small artisan workshops, including selvedge denim, natural indigo cotton made in Japan, Irish and Scottish wool, as well as Italian and English cottons and hemp.