Noa Ink

Noa Ink

Tattoo and piercing studio among the most prominent in Tuscany, founded by the artist Noa Yanni.

Opening Hours:

Monday – Saturday | 10.00 am – 7.30 pm

Closed on Sunday

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Noa Ink is a tattoo and piercing studio located in the heart of Florence, within the historic Manifattura Tabacchi, opened in 2023. This studio seamlessly fits into the artistic context  of the city. Manifattura Tabacchi is a renovated architectural complex strategically located  near Cascine Park and the Mugnone River, making the area captivating for art enthusiasts. 

Noa Ink is an oasis of creativity and talent, with Florentine and international tattoo artists and piercers collaborating. The studio’s goal is to blend the art of tattooing and piercing with Florence’s artistic and cultural tradition, offering unique experiences. The decor combines modern and classic elements, with contemporary artwork adorning the walls. 

What sets Noa Ink apart is its commitment to art, culture, and the environment. In addition to high-quality services, they organize workshops, exhibitions, and cultural  events to engage the artistic community. They are environmentally conscious, using eco friendly materials and promoting sustainable practices. Noa Ink’s tattoo artists are known  for their expertise and versatility, offering a wide range of tattoo styles and personalized consultation services. 

Noa Ink in Florence is a unique tattoo and piercing studio that combines art with the  Italian artistic tradition. With artistic talent, environmental commitment, and attention to detail, it is considered one of the best tattoo studios in Italy and the world, offering unique, sustainable, and high-quality experiences.