LVMH Métiers d’Excellence

LVMH Métiers d’Excellence

Photo cover by Marie Flament

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The Métiers d’Excellence LVMH project was established in 2014, stemming from the Group’s awareness that within its more than 75 Maison, there are over 280 Crafts of Excellence in the fields of Creation, Craftsmanship, and Customer Experience. These crafts are practiced by more than 100,000 collaborators worldwide.

All these crafts share a technical savoir-faire combined with an artistic and/or relational approach, and they are accessible to all types of profiles and professional paths.The Métiers d’Excellence project has the following missions:

TRANSMITTING these savoir-faire to younger generations to ensure the continuity of these professions and recruit the best talents through: Orientation days in middle schools via our Excellent! program.

Free training courses from the LVMH Institute of ME. The You and ME tour, a traveling orientation tour that had its first edition in Italy in 2023.

VALORIZING and further developing talents within the Maison through: Continuous training for employees through the LVMH ME Academy. Recognition of internal talents through the Virtuosi ME LVMH project.

REVEALING to the general public the extraordinary heritage of excellence savoir-faire of the LVMH Group, also developing support projects for the external, especially artisanal, landscape. Among the major initiatives are: Artist – Craftsman Collaboration, which had its first edition in France, followed by the Italian edition in 2022.

Maestri d’Eccellenza Award, realized in collaboration with Confartigianato Imprese, Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana (CNMI), and a Maison of the LVMH Group to highlight external artisans of Made in Italy.