Mercoledì da lettori [6 may]

6 May 2020

mercoledì da lettori


by Luigi Malerba

Quodlibet editions

Luigi Malerba was a giant of the written word, in all its forms. Great novels, marvellous poetry, fantastic short stories, advertising texts and screenplays. In this little gem of a book, the hens speak their minds in the form of aphorisms. Bright, surreal, brilliant and ironic, the book’s protagonists (or protagonist as there could be just one) give their considerations on life. You’ll laugh from the first page to the last.


by G.B. Edwards

Elliot editions

This really is a unique book from a unique author in a unique place. The first and last work of this brilliant writer, published after his death, recounts the life of Ebenezer Le Page, an inhabitant on the island of Guernsey, who looks back on his life in his old age. The incredible and hyper-realistic writing style puts you right there amongst the people, the streets, the markets, peeking behind the curtains and into the lives of the inhabitants. We pass through almost an entire century, through two world wars and their aftermaths, immersed in a place that has been abandoned by the world, but which is immersed in itself.


by Henry David Thoreau

Bompiani editions
Translation by Massimo Bocchiola

Thoreau was a great man who transcended his humanity. Here the American transcendentalist preaches the pathos of distance, speaking of his life in the woods and warning other men about living in the wrong way, with the majority living in a condition of quiet desperation.

As Thoreau says: “When one man has reduced a fact of the imagination to be a fact to his understanding, I foresee that all men at length establish their lives on that basis”, philosophers should love Wisdom so as to live according to its decrees, a simple, independent, generous, open life.



by Baptize Morizot

Nottetempo editions

Morizot, a French writer and philosopher, focuses his research on the relationship between mankind and the animals and plants which surround it. In this essay, he proposes his vision of a citizen who leaves his comfort zone to go and take refuge in the woods. This sets off a new way of living, which is actually an older way of living in the forest and tracking animals, and he coins the term of making yourself ‘inforested’. Do it!

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