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Officina Botanica

The Hanging Garden Officina Botanica is open every day from 8.00 am to 10.00 pm


On the roof of building B11, the Officina Botanica, a public hanging garden designed by the landscapist Antonio Perazzi, takes root.

A hidden botanical garden conceived to foster a modern coexistence between humans and the landscape in the spirit of mutual respect. Extending over an area of 560 square meters, with 96 trees and 1,300 shrubs and perennial plants, the Officina Botanica is a suspended forest rich in biodiversity seamlessly integrated into the industrial architecture. It draws attention to the micro-flora and botanical rarities that characterize the uniqueness of the Florentine and Tuscan landscape.

Antonio Perazzi has selected species that require minimal maintenance and water input, capable of filtering and reducing air pollutants: a sustainable, flexible, and low-energy-impact approach in line with the regeneration principle—cultural, architectural, and environmental—that defines the entire Manifattura Tabacchi project.

Open to the public, the Officina Botanica is a space for gathering, relaxation, and connection with nature dedicated to those who visit the Factory for work or leisure.

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