POLIMODA inaugurates its first workspaces

The reawakening of Manifattura Tabacchi begins with the students of Polimoda.

The first 1000 sqm of workspaces are inaugurated for the third site of the celebrated Florentine educational institute.

The spaces of the ex-industrial complex are being repopulated with young creatives from Polimoda, where they will take their first steps towards professional careers in the world of fashion. Amongst these are students in the final year of their courses in Fashion Design and Technology, and Masters in Fashion Design and Collection Design.

The new structure has been fitted with the latest professional equipment in order to allow the students to work in an environment which faithfully reproduces industry standards. Five workspaces, four for tailoring and one for knitwear, are equipped with a plethora of cut-and-sew machines, as well as ironing boards, knitting frames and mannequins. In addition to this, a specialised shop offers students all the materials and tools of the trade.

The opening of this site is an important first step ahead of the inauguration in autumn 2019 of the third Polimoda Campus in the Torre dell’Orologio Building at Manifattura. 6000 sqm over four floors will house workspaces for tailoring and knitwear, photography studios, technology suites, classrooms for design and theory, and a modern auditorium. In addition to the teaching and administration staff, the new campus will welcome around 800 students from all over the world.


“I am proud of what Polimoda has achieved here, something which I am happy to be able to share with the city of Florence. The decision to open our new site at Manifattura Tabacchi is strategically important also for the city of Florence. This urban regeneration project will transform the ex-industrial complex into a new district which will offer the students of Polimoda, the inhabitants of this neighbourhood and all Florentine citizens, many new services and communal spaces.”


Ferruccio Ferragamo, Polimoda president