Boutique del cioccolato

Boutique del cioccolato

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Creating and decorating are passions that I have had since I was a child, and when I discovered the chocolate melanger, I decided to study to become a master chocolatier.

La Boutique del Cioccolato is a patisserie and chocolatier’s founded at the beginning of March 1993 by two women, Paola and Barbara, who were able to turn this place into a point of reference not only for their neighbourhood, but for all lovers of good chocolate and enticing window displays..

La Boutique del Cioccolato prides itself on collaborating with environmentally sustainable businesses and on using the highest quality chocolate for its products.


Paola is in charge of decorating the shop windows and the elegant packaging of every type of product, using matching bows, ribbons, and fabrics to elevate even the containers of these precious chocolate creations.


master chocolatier

who remarks:

“I have had this passion for creating and decorating desserts since I was a child, when I started, almost as a joke, to make biscuits for some of the shopkeepers in the neighbourhood. And when I was at school, I would work weekends at a famous patisserie where I dedicated my time in particular to decoration. When the owner bought a chocolate melanger, I found myself fascinated at this flowing fountain of chocolate, and it was then, using all of my savings, that I decided to study with a famous master chocolatier in Val d’Aosta, Mauro Morandin.

Following on from this and other experiences, I gave life to this space for working with chocolate, using both traditional methods and the use of machines and moulds, allowing for development in our production. During various training courses, in which I have frequently held the role of assistant at the side of the master chocolatier, I have been able to observe and learn quickly and precisely. All this has allowed
me to express my creativity and to transform, with my own hands, this precious element called chocolate into objects with the widest variety of shapes”.

Boutique del cioccolato
Via Maragliano, 12R
50144 – Firenze

+39 055 361650

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