I fiori di Pinocchio

I fiori di Pinocchio

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Inspiration and memories led to me becoming a florist and opening a workshop where I can transform emotions and dreams into floral creations.

My adventure in the world of flowers began after my past life as a dancer and actor.

After the death of my father in 2011, I reflected a lot on my life. I realised that the time had arrived to plan a new future and to stop dancing because my body could no longer do it.

And this was how the idea came to me so clearly: I wanted to be a florist!

There and then I relived all of those moments when I would go to the florist with my father on a Sunday. The smells, the humidity, the water on the floor, the memories of them were still alive in me.

After completing a foundation course on European floristry and one on Ikebana, I started this adventure with childlike enthusiasm. I thought that Pinocchio would be the perfect name.

And so, “I Fiori di Pinocchio” was born, a little shop set up like an artisan workshop, a place where I can lovingly transform dreams into floral artworks.

I fiori di Pinocchio
Via Vittorio Emanuele II,
101A rosso
50134 – Firenze

+39 055 4476311