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Since 1947 Tessilarte produces beautiful and striking fabrics, made only of linen of a hundred colours and exclusive designs


Tessilarte is a small craft enterprise, set up in 1947 through the passion for textiles and the creative flair of Vittoria Camerino Martinetti.

Beautiful and elegant fabrics, all produced by hand in the workshop of via Toselli in Florence.

Pure linen fabrics with special weaves and stiking colours were used to produce the most beautiful and original tablecloths to be found on the market

The linen was different from the traditionally used, a heavier linen of a thousand colours and infinite combintion, colours that were inconceivable at the time, when household linen was strictly white.

Since 1970 the architect Paola Martinetti Graziano has been running the company with her all-woman staff of assistants.







“The old hand looms are steel in existence, precious evidence of a craft tradition no longer feasible because of the lack of qualified manpower and the prohibitive cost of manual production.

However, even in the handmade label is no more, the enthusiasm and passion for tradition and culture have been survived, for a craft culture that is the special boast of the Florentine territory.

The raw materials and fabrics are produced in Italy, while the embroidery and making up are the results of strictly Tuscan expertise.

Our trademark, deposited in 1978, is one of the relief panels showing the Arts and Crafts which were created in the workshop of Andrea Pisano to decorate the Campanile of Giotto.

Naturally we have chosen the panel that illustrates the art of weaving”.


Via Pietro Toselli 100
50144 Firenze

mail: info@tessilarte.it

telefono: 055 36 40 97

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