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Manifattura Tabacchi Social District allows residents and the businesses that make up the micro-entrepreneurial fabric surrounding Manifattura (which extend to neighborhoods in Novoli, San Iacopino and Isolotto) to meet, get to know each other and give life to a new form of social interaction.

Thanks to MT Social District it will be possible to share experiences and skills through a free training program. In this time of government-imposed isolation, we offer individuals an opportunity to keep up-to-date while preparing to relaunch their businesses as soon as things start up again, by learning about the full potential of digital tools that are easily available to everyone.

The deadline for applying to MTSD is Sunday, April 19th: send your application form to

At a time when balconies, social streets and condominiums have become the places to rediscover and reinvent the art of socializing, we, at Manifattura Tabacchi welcome our ‘neighbors’ to our digital channels, which thus become a platform for sharing, learning and interaction between residents and the communities in which they live. MTSD is a digital piazza where people are able to meet and introduce their business and stories via new multimedia content. They will also be able to present virtual initiatives, such as workshops or courses.



This initiative is open to all micro-entrepreneurial businesses that operate in the urban areas near Manifattura who want to reinvent themselves and use new communication channels to make themselves known and create virtual relationships with their neighborhood and city.

The deadline for applying to MTSD is Sunday, April 19th: send your application form to

Over the course of two weeks, Manifattura Tabacchi will provide the participants in the project with the opportunity to follow webinars created and organised ad hoc by a pool of professionals from the digital sector. These professionals will present the course directly on Manifattura’s Facebook page on Thursday April 16th at 14:00.

During online meetings, users will receive practical information on how best to use social media platforms to promote their businesses and to exploit them as essential tools for forming relationships, sharing information and sparking dialogues with their customers. These tools will be useful for everyday life and, even more significantly, in exceptional circumstances such as this exceptional situation linked to the Covid-19 emergency.

Our training course is free and its topics include:

  • techniques for learning how to make quality photos and videos using a smartphone
  • the functionality and potential of social media (Facebook and Instagram)
  • tips for effective storytelling


The content created thanks to the Social District project will be published on Manifattura Tabacchi’s digital channels and on a specific Facebook group dedicated to the neighborhood. The group’s formation will follow the logic of social streets: residents will be invited to register and will then be able to experience the neighborhood and their own city like an actual digital piazza where they are able to exchange information and engage other users through the various activities proposed.

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