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Since 2018, Manifattura Tabacchi has been promoting an intensive programme of cultural activities and events in the temporarily regenerated spaces while awaiting their final destination.


Since its reopening, Manifattura Tabacchi has hosted and co-produced exhibitions, installations, public art, performances, video art, experimental cinema, publishing projects, radio, outreach activities, festivals and independent art spaces.
An ecosystem capable of reaching a wide audience and at the same time taking untrodden paths, through project partnerships with institutions, artists and curators in the country and beyond.

Manifattura Tabacchi will return a new neighbourhood to the city. It will be an open, permeable place, enhanced by a distributive system of green areas, squares and public spaces for social relations, where the community can contribute to creating the new identity of the place.
Citizenship involvement began already in the temporary phase with activities designed to inform on the progress of the work, preserve the historical memory of the former factory and the surrounding neighbourhood, and enhance the micro-entrepreneurial fabric of the area.

During the years of construction, the temporarily redeveloped spaces have been at the service of the community to provide places for meeting, resting, conviviality and inspiration.


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