Workshop con Remo Salvadori

The Manifesto - catalogue

Remo salvadori

This sixth workshop was run by one of Tuscany’s most noted and appreciated artists, Remo Salvadori.

Remo Salvadori started working with the young artists at Manifattura on a workshop that took a different route from the others through its deep reflections on humanism. Salvadori invited the artists to work on themes regarding the individual, such as the concepts of presence and non-identification. He proposed taking a humanistic and holistic approach to their work, in relation to the spiritual sphere referred to in the anthroposophical theories of Rudolf Steiner.

The work that Salvadori suggested to young artists was a sort of “manifesto-catalogue“, to be created at the end of his visit. Each of the artists contributed ten visual or text-based elements which made up a single 100x140cm sheet which was then folded five times in order to create 64 sectors, just like a chessboard.

In the second phase of the workshop, Salvadori invited the artist Jaya Cozzani to organise the materials from each of the resident artists for the different sectors of the chessboard. Cozzani decided to layout the sheet by organising the different materials not according to graphic design, but starting from the abstract forces that bind them. The six artists were also asked to create a bag for the “manifesto-catalogue” which, after being folded five times, came down to a size of 25×17.5cm.