The 5 best interior design magazines by Jacopo Menzani (mòno)

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The 5 best interior design magazines

by Jacopo Menzani


As interior designers, our work feeds on visual stimuli. You have to like it. We spend most of our time studying pictures in books and magazines, both old and new. Or else, we’re burning our eyes out in front of a computer screen. In the last few years social media has exponentially increased the the flow of material available for consumption. We’re continuously subjected to ‘visual bulimia’: too much content, too many photos, too many videos. The ability to filter through it all content is fundamental.

So here’s my selection of excellent content-producers, both online and in print.

apartamento magazine

Apartamento Magazine is an exceptional printed publication. It provides incomparable content on interiors and home spaces. Their online content is some of the coolest to be found anywhere on the web.

The printed magazine is published every two years from its Barcelona headquarters.

Apartamento Magazine


Paradise Backyard

Finely curated by Daniele Mainetti, Paradise Backyard is an inexhaustible source of images of interiors, architecture and design objects from the 1900s.


Paradise Backyard


Nowness tells stories about almost anything and uses video as its principal medium. Its content is 100% high quality guaranteed and offers a rich selection of interiors, design objects, and architecture.




Cereal magazine is published in print biennially and focuses on art, design , and travel. Their collaboration with best interior photographers in the world gives exceptional results. As if that weren’t enough, Cereal’s online content is always spectacular.



Domus, Italy’s most important architecture magazine, hardly needs an introduction by yours truly. That said, however, the column entitled ‘Gli assoluti’ is not to be missed. It consistently proves to be a worthwhile and stimulating read. For every object (lamps, tables, chairs, couches, etc.), twenty exemplary, iconic, and timeless designs are selected.