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Beats Soffici

hip-hop & beatmaking Dj set

The main entrance for events is via delle Cascine, 33

Every Monday, from 24 june to 5 august, in the Cortile della Ciminiera at Manifattura Tabacchi, Stefano Mazza (aka HZHA) and his guest producers will guide us on a voyage to discover Beatmaking.


Born in the 1970s in the USA, particularly in working-class and black neighbourhoods such as the Bronx in New York, Beatmaking is not just a genre of music but a real cultural movement, a culture of “beat production” that is tied to the music of rap and which is influenced by soul, funk, and samples from vinyl records.

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MONDAY 24/06

Guest: Odeeno


Vincenzo Martinelli, stage name Odeeno, born in Naples 1991, style: lo-fi, 80s, vaguely r&b.
He has produced music for labels such as Turbotape Records, Inner Ocean Records (Canada), Blvnt Records (USA), Autumn Theory Records (Greece), and Onda Tapes (Greece).
Paintsens is the latest album from Odeeno, released through Dezi-Belle Records in Berlin. Through a mix of psychedelic rhodes and break jazz, Odeeno aims to take the listener on an introspective and magical voyage, something he has achieved on a record that is full of heart and passion.



Guest: Lester Nowhere

Lester Nowhere born in 1998 and initially known as Arturo, grew up listening to Black Sabbath while he was playing with Lego, Nirvana while he was drawing, and Mogwai in every other moment. At the age of 12 he fell in love with hip-hop and he’s never strayed since: he was a student, a reader and a basketball player, leaving all of this behind when he found everything that he needed in beatmaking. His body may reside in Prato but his mind is constantly searching for a solution to this problem. His music, which many have ironically called “Lift music”, has had more than 10 million plays on Spotify.


Guest: J.O.D


J.O.D., stage name of Stefano Marinelli, is a hip-hop producer. Born and raised in Pescara, he graduated at DAMS in Bologna with a thesis on Food and Identity in American Cinema, and both themes continue to be a source of inspiration for his music. Trips to New York have helped him to create a sound and a musical vision which go beyond the traditional realms of Italian music.Originality pours from J.O.D’s productions, his beats are never made up of one big sample but are more a mix of atmospheres ranging from the hardcore to the idyllic.

MONDAY 15/07

Guest: Natty Dub

Stefano Natty Dub is a producer, beat maker, and a member of the Funk Shui Project who delivers live sets using samplers in which the sounds of soul music are intertwined with disjointed rhythms and finger drumming.

LUNEDÌ 22/07

Guest: Looppolo

Paolo Giuzzi, stage name Looppolo is a beat maker from Milan, born in 1995. Very passionated by hip hop music, he started making first beats using his pc. He decided then to dedicate himself to beatmaking.