Which house are you?

Following the governmental decree of 09/03/2020 regarding educational activities, we regret to inform you that we have had to suspend events and workshops until 4/04.

A study into the comfort of living

How to turn a space into a place, one that is enjoyable to be in, one which you come back to, but which also acts as a starting point for journeys big and small.

During the workshop we’ll use collages, drawings and other things to transform a room in our house where we perhaps don’t feel at ease, having fun at the same time as trying to find our own personal balance and means of comfort.
After the workshop, if you wish, you’ll be able to start the process of transforming that space into your own ‘place’.

Dopo il workshop potrete, se volete, dare il via alla trasformazione di quello spazio nel vostro “luogo”.



  • no particular skills are required
  • a photo of the room that we’d like to change
  • imagination and a willingness to experiment


Curated by Ilaria Marini.



  • Saturday 14 march from 2pm to 7pm.
  • Cost: 35€

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curated by

Ilaria Marini


Ilaria Marini is Gestalt counsellor, Life e business coach and Trainer.
After graduating in architecture, I decided to look into people’s internal architecture in order to help them develop their own human potential and not feel that they are lacking in any way. I work in training, coaching and counselling, and I help people help themselves to improve their own quality of life.

Ilaria Marini