The Languages of Cultural Heritage Sciences: From Macroscopic to Microscopic

curated by CNR ISPC


Every Wednesday from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm | Building 9


Free admission with mandatory reservation by writing to:


Every Wednesday from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm, CNR ISPC presents the exhibition The Languages of Cultural Heritage Sciences: From Macroscopic to Microscopic.
A journey through time and matter to explore the research conducted by CNR ISPC, which investigates Cultural Heritage at various levels of magnification using advanced technologies.

Close-Up View
Every architecture contains endless information preserved on visible surfaces. Thanks to recent technologies, it is possible to digitally capture Architectural Heritage and acquire “hidden” information.

In-Depth Vision
Geophysics allows for the investigation of the subsurface with very high resolution. Thanks to the most sophisticated digital instruments, it is possible to detect structures buried in the ground and assess their state of preservation.

Aerial View
Multiple sensors positioned on kites, balloons, drones, planes, or satellites can record landscape characteristics at various scales: from visible structures to buried constructions, to the evolution of the ancient landscape.

Detailed View
Through focused research on a specific archaeological site or context, it is possible to delineate the ancient reality in its multiple aspects, collecting data on the ecosystem and its interaction with people.

Microscopic View
Techniques and technologies that investigate the material aspects of art objects allow us to look beyond the surface to a level of dimension equivalent to that of the atom, making the invisible accessible to our eyes.


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