Diario di Manifattura

From the 14th to the 22nd of April at Manifattura Tabacchi (entrance by Via delle Cascine, 35) | Atelier Il Sedicente Moradi/B8

The exhibition can be visited from 3 to 8 pm
In the morning by appointment by writing to
ilsedicentemoradi@gmail.com or on Instagram

Free admission

From the 14th to the 22nd of April, the esteemed Sedicente Moradi opens his Manifattura Tabacchi atelier up to the public for a preview of his latest collection, Diario di Manifattura, a genuine diary of the days spent contemplating and drawing architectural details of the ex Florentine cigar factory. This study helped spawn a series of thirty artworks that bring out, when observed from different angles at different moments of the day, some of the vantage points of the Manifattura buildings during a period of key transformation and development of its vast areas. A dialogue between regenerating spaces and art comes to life through the work of Moradi.
Each work captures the subtle changes in the passing of days and hours: the chimney in the morning light, the chimney in the bright sun, the yellow chimney, and the shadow of the chimney.

The thirty collages are made from canvas, boards and cardboard with only three tonalities of adeptly prepared paper, giving the marble and cement of the Manifattura a tobacco hue. This technique was tested twenty years ago by Sedicente, in 2002, when he was still a student at the Fine Arts Academy in Florence and was developing a landscape technique for the ex Tabaccaia di Cavallina in the Mugello region.

During the exhibition, spectators are asked to take part in the immersive experience in which the artist, through a performance of an ongoing live painting, will demonstrate how a piece is born, from its drawing phase to working with its constituent materials.
Some of the thirty pieces will be on display in the artist’s atelier, while the entire exhibition can be seen from the 9th to the 29th of May at the B.east Gallery, Florence.


Sedicente Moradi

After studying advertising graphics and illustration and graduating from the Art Institute, he trained as a painter at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence.
Designer of chandeliers, he installs his creations in Rome, Milan, Turin, Paris, Cannes, Barcelona, Moscow and New York. Committed to painting, after winning the XVII Florence Prize and exhibiting at Palazzo Vecchio in the Salone dei Cinquecento, he participated in numerous exhibitions in Florence, Bologna, Cesena and Salerno.


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