Firenze dall'Alto / La cerva base with Teresa Cinque

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Thursday, July 20th at 7.00 p.m at Officina Botanica


Firenze dall’Alto is a strategic project of the Estate Fiorentina of the municipality of Florence and is organised by LAMA Impresa Sociale, in collaboration with La Scena Muta and Cooperativa Archeologia and Enjoy Firenze.




Hansel and Gretel, the older brother and younger sister, are the children of a poor woodcutter who remarried after being widowed. And we have our first dead woman. A woman, mother, dead. As it should be.

This is how one of the segments of “La cerva di base” begins, a feminist reading on traditional fairy tales by and with Teresa Cinque.

Snow White, Bambi, Little Red Riding Hood, and other famous stories are reinterpreted without inhibitions, with a satirical approach that aims to highlight the gender stereotypes that have been transmitted to us since early childhood through these narratives.

Teresa Cinque, using her characteristic irony as seen in her monologues, tells the stories of the siblings Hansel and Gretel, the princess and the pea, and Rapunzel, punctuating the narration with not only jokes but also reflections on contemporary issues. She explores how fairy tales often reveal an underlying subtext that is sexist, homophobic, or racist, reflecting the real conflicts of our daily lives. Alone on stage with a microphone and a lectern, the author/actress narrates and guides the audience towards a final general consideration of the role of women in fairy tales, and how the stereotypes presented serve as obstacles to our ambitions and desires. The performance concludes with a cathartic push towards self-determination and liberation.