FALSETTO | Toast Project Space

Enej Gala
curated by Toast Project Space


The exhibition is open until June 23th, every day from 9.00 a.m to 11.00 p.m


A decisive adduction of the cartilages during singing produces a sharp sound called “falsetto.” Falsetto is a false voice in which even the lowest tones become very high, like real children’s. Following the same logic, one might think that marionettes on strings move in falsetto.

Reading Collodi’s classic, often a metaphor for the intricate relationships between truth and convenience, inspired Gala. The push came from a scene in the Disney film where the puppet performs “I’ve Got No Strings.” Pinocchio, stumbling, unleashes the audience’s laughter and Mangiafuoco’s profit.

In this exhibition, the dust from failed bodies is repurposed to create new ones. A series of marionettes crafted from sawdust spring to life at the touch of the observers. In this way, the audience acts as an engine. The performative act blurs the roles between puppets and puppeteers, highlighting the power dynamics in the entertainment scenario.