27 September
at 20:00


first floor B9 – Manifattura Tabacchi



Conceived and curated by Letizia Renzini.

Created and produced by NAM – Not A Museum.

full program

25 September -1 October 2020, from 18:00-23:00 (last entry 22:15). Sunday 27/09 from 13:00.

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Cheek by jowl is a dramatized musical healing facility. Two performing “practitioners” set up rituals of diagnostic sonic readings, musical dialysis, and vibrational healing methods. Using ideas and imagery of plagues doctors from the 17th Century, pseudo-science and cymatic vibrational techniques as the foundation of these fictional rituals, LookOut collective (Jessie Marino and Winnie Huang)  will create a contained space for self-care and inward reflection. The room will be outfitted with projection surfaces on the 4 walls of the space. The entire floor will be covered in a thin layer of ground fog perfumed with sacred herbal tinctures creating a fully immersive performance space for the rituals to unfold. This piece will be part performance and part installation. “Chladni” plates will be positioned around the room, visualizing the resonant frequencies of large metal plates covered in sand. As the frequency of the pitch adjusts the audience can will experience the nuances of carefully tuned resonances through visible vibrational patterns of the sand sitting on top of the plates, building chords or striking unisons by sight and by sound. These
waveforms which unveil themselves in the sand on the Chladni plates will be video captured and projected onto the four walls of the room – turning the walls themselves into vibrational representations of the
restorative tuning.

A four-screen installation, open positions for the percussionists and the use of Chladni plates (metal sheets which are sensitive to physical impulses and sound waves) are the basis of the installation which will be acted upon during the performance on Sunday, 27 September at 20:00.

A special project with a site-specific setup.

Concept, composition, video: Jessie Marino
Performed by LookOut (Winnie Huang and Jessie Marino)
Recordings: Pinquins Ensemble
Production: Ultima Festival Oslo.


Access will be in full compliance with the measures that the Italian government is taking to combat the spread of COVID-19.


a story of a time before,
when nurses stuffed their beaks with herbs and tree bark,
wielding blood red wands and taking careful notes of the dead at their feet.
pouring sand, singing vessels, invisible strings, light and dark.
the nurses moved amongst the houses of stone and wood.
they spun the atmosphere around them into physical manifests: air turned to stone.
wave forms of light, sound and physical energy, conjured and directed into focus.
we glimpse the world through a lens from centuries past,
enacting the rituals we need, and adapting them for the world we have now.

Jessie Marino



Jessie Marino is a composer, performer, and media artist based in Berlin. Her pieces score out sound, video, gesture, lighting, and staging, treating each of these elements as possible musical material.
In 2018 Marino received the Rome Prize in music composition at the American Academy in Rome. She has recently been commissioned by Pinquins/Ultima Festival (NO), Darmstadt International Summer Course (DE), Borealis Festival (NO), Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival (UK), and Transit Festival (BE). Her work has made recent appearances at the BAM! Festival for MusikTheater (Berlin), Festival Musica (Strasbourg), Heroines of Sound (Berlin/MX), LA Chamber Orchestra Contemporary Series and her pieces have been performed by formidable new music ensembles such as KNM Ensemble (DE), SCENATET (DK), SoundInitiative (FR), We Spoke Percussion (UK), Decoder Ensemble (DE), Ensemble Adapter (DE), Die Ordnung Der Dinge (DE), and Ensemble Pamplemousse (USA). Marino studied composition at Wesleyan University with Alvin Lucier and Ronald Kuivila and she earned a DMA in musical composition from Stanford University, working with sound artist Paul DeMarinis.




Pinquins, an Oslo-based percussion/performance trio comprised of Sigrun Rogstad Gomnæs, Jennifer Torrence, and Ane Marthe Sørlien Holen. Pinquins was founded in 2008 and is considered one of Scandinavia’s leading experimental music performance groups. Pinquins has performed in major festivals and institutions around the world and collaborated with the field’s leading composers and improvisers.
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