A project by Letizia Renzini with New Generation Festival.
Episode 1: Carmen by Silvia Franco.


3-4 October


Giardino della Ciminiera




Created by Letizia Renzini

Realized and produced by NAM – Not A Museum.

Saturday 26/09
at 21:30
Sunday 27/09
at 18:00
Saturday 3/10
at 21:30
Sunday 4/10
at 18:00



Opera Lab is a collective project conceived by Letizia Renzini. Opera Lab’s mission is to draw attention to the operatic artform, the Musical Drama and Musical Theatre, and to revive it according to new practices and free interpretations which have long been adopted in international venues, but not as much in Italy.

For Happening! Opera Lab works in concert with the New Generation Festival and will perform a study on Bizet’s Carmen curated by Silvia Franco. The Florentine actress, teacher, and performer departs using the opera and novel by Mérimée (the text upon which the opera is based) as a starting point, including details from related texts which recount the story of the celebrated cigar maker along the way. Franco also interweaves many other influences and inspirations, one of which is the apt setting of Manifattura Tabacchi. This performance interprets and commingles these various strands through dance, use of text, music and belcanto as presented by the students of the New Generation Festival.

Direction and interpretation: Silvia Franco
Mezzosoprano: Lauren Young
Dance: Gaia Mazzeranghi
Music: Marco Bianciardi
Scenography: Luca Baldini
Assistant director: Fabrizio Pezzoni
Production: Nam for Happening!, New Generation Festival and Zooteatro

In collaboration with: Fosca


Access will be in full compliance with the measures that the Italian government is taking to combat the spread of COVID-19.

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Silvia Franco has been a member of the theatre group laLUT, Libera Università del Teatro di Siena, of which she is co-founder, since 1995.
From 2001-2006, Franco collaborated with the Museo d’arte per Bambini in Siena as director and creator of theatre workshops for children during various exhibits.
As of 1997, she teaches theatre in kindergartens, elementary and middle schools in the province of Siena. As of 2013, Franco teaches theatre and mental health courses. She studied classical and contemporary dance with Claudia Semplici at the SpazioVita centre in Siena from 1999 to 2012.
Franco founded the theatre group Zooteatro in 2013. She has worked with Giuliano Lenzi, Maurizio Panici, Chille de la Balanza, Balletto Civile, Alfonso Santagata, and Massimiliano Civica.




Since the beginning of its activity, Fosca has created hybrid projects that fuse performance, dance, education, and visual art. Over the years the association has formalised its organisational structure, but thanks to the participation of heterogeneous artists, Fosca has preserved its role as a breeding ground for projects that are consistently original and unique. Thanks to the work and interpersonal skills of our founder Caterina Poggesi, Fosca has become an ever more consolidated community of artists who are willing to renew themselves and embrace original ideas.



In recent years, the New Generational Festival dedicated to Opera has turned Firenze’s attention to this artform, drawing large audiences from all over the world. Accompanied by a didactic programme and a series of summer courses specifically designed for singers and musicians, the New Generation Festival, which in its early years took place in the beautiful garden of Palazzo Corsini sul Prato, as of 2020, is hosted in close collaboration with the Uffizi gallery at the Boboli Gardens.