Workshop for children aged 3-6

The plants of the witches. Little botanical diaries

Saturday 31 October


Playground area, Giardino della Ciminiera
Manifattura Tabacchi

Free entry with booking required:

The workshop will be cancelled in the event of bad weather.

The workshop will take place fully respecting the regulations regarding Covid-19.

In the workshop children will build their own fantastical herbarium, inspired by the ‘magical’ plants used by witches in fairy tales.

The workshop begins with an introduction with the help of images, photos, and illustrated materials which will introduce us to the world of plants that have been traditionally used for healing. Those plants that you happen to find by the side of the road, or springing out of holes in the concrete, in those invisible and green areas that make up what Gilles Clément, the French agronomist and landscaper, called the ‘third landscape’. Many are called ‘weeds’, but since time immemorial they have been collected and used for their healing properties, especially by women who protected and passed on their knowledge. During the introduction to the workshop it will also be possible to look at plants and seeds. Following this, every family will be given a kit so that they can begin making their own little botanical diary in the form of a mixed-technique herbarium, with sections of real plants, collages, drawings and prints from natural materials, as well as self-produced stamps. With the guidance of the helpers, it will be possible to experiment with the printing and collages to create your very own magical herbarium.

Organized by S. Caciagli and C.Nannini, Lep. Coop L’Abbaino, Progetto Family Hub, Mondi per Crescere.